From Concept to Completion

Lighty Communications Group, Inc. (LCG) provides its customers with an end-to-end solution to fulfill their complex and sophisticated communications needs. Serving clients for 10 years, LCG offers turnkey solutions for a wide array of publication management and production services including writing, copyediting, proofreading, graphic design/art direction, and document formatting/desktop publishing. We are experienced in providing conference/meeting support and management; commercial printing including print job management, reprographics/ print facilities management, print paper supplier/ buyer; scanning/document archival, administrative staffing; and logistical support. Our suite of services also entails direct mail products such as ad placement and bulk mailings; facilities management/supervision; computer maintenance, display and out-of-home media services, including creation of display fabrication/trade show booths, outdoor billboards and bus shelters.

Our services are characterized by a tangible dedication to quality and a strong commitment to meeting deadlines. We specialize in taking a project from an idea (concept) through final production (completion).

In 1992, the company relocated to the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area from New York City. Since this time, we have seen an increase in the trend of staff reductions in favor of outsourcing to perform professional functions. As a result, we later broadened our clientele base to include advertising agencies, universities, associations, medical entities, and state and government agencies.

LCG began with a single opportunity to provide part-time consulting services to a graphic arts/printing company. As a result of a growing customer base, we expanded to provide a range of communications services (see list of services above).

The principle of LCG has a great deal of experience in the communications industry.

I. Clayvon Lighty, President, holds a degree in journalism and legal communications studies from Howard University. She has more than 18 years of experience in the communications industry and has worked in the private sector for several local corporations and associations. We are proud to say that many of her former employers are now clients. She is well respected in the industry and is a member of many industry trade associations.

In addition to the principle indicated above, LCG employ and work with several teams of dynamic individuals who are also talented and highly-qualified.

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