What makes us right for you?

Lighty Communications Group, Inc. (LCG) understands the role that quality plays and how important accuracy is to every company. We are here to support our clients’ needs whether that entails handling the entire project from start to finish or managing specific aspects of a job by providing individual services. Whether you need assistance with editing, writing or proofreading, help is available. LCG is experienced in handling jobs of all sizes. We can simply serve as a second pair of eyes and perform a quick proofread or provide a comprehensive substantive edit of your document. Editorial

Publication Management/Production — As experts in overseeing the entire publication management/production process, LCG provides full service results, allowing businesses to focus on their core strengths. Production team members assess clients’ needs, develop project plans, specify content, assign and manage teams, determine production needs and supervise vendors. Products include customized newsletters, brochures, journals, magazines and reports that are high quality, low-cost and available both online and in print.

Writing — LCG offers writing services at all stages of copy production, from composing the initial document to a final polish. Company journalists produce documents that are thoroughly researched, logically organized and grammatically correct. The finished product captures the target audience's attention while communicating complex technical concepts. Writers are fluent in scientific, medical and legal terminology and familiar with all major editorial guides, including the U.S. Government Printing Office Style Manual, the Chicago Manual of Style, and the AP Stylebook.

Copyediting — We ensure that your document is error-free by eliminating mistakes, checking spelling and correcting punctuation. If your document requires substantive editing (restructuring text), we will rework the file. Our writers are trained to eliminate redundancy. We try to retain your original style, flow and choice of words, wherever possible, while still resolving issues. As a bonus, we always track all edits made by everyone.

Proofreading — Errors are avoidable! LCG proofreaders catch small things that weary eyes—and spell-checkers—miss, such as homonym confusion and punctuation mistakes. LCG prides itself on producing quality work, using only the best writers and editors. Each project undergoes three “final” inspections before client delivery. Most importantly, LCG take ultimate responsibility for copy accuracy.

We make sure that all the necessary details are in place, including:

  • grammar,
  • sentence structure,
  • proper word usage,
  • spelling, and
  • transitions.

We also look at the entire document and check for other things such as:

  • accuracy of content,
  • clarity,
  • overall flow of the document,
  • usage of names,
  • readability, and
  • repetition.

Our experience includes managing and editing:

  • association publications,
  • business/professional materials,
  • college course manuals,
  • conference materials,
  • governmental documents,
  • health magazines and newsletters,
  • legal and military documents,
  • medical and scientific journals,
  • medical books and manuals,
  • policy and procedure manuals,
  • scholarly/reference books, and
  • technical/scientific books.

We have past performance in editing and writing the following documents:

  • ads,
  • annual reports,
  • books,
  • brochures,
  • catalogues,
  • direct mail pieces,
  • invitations,
  • magazines,
  • manuals,
  • newsletters,
  • reports,
  • speeches, and
  • websites.

Graphic Design/Art Direction

Creative — Our graphic designers and desktop publishers have created annual reports, banners, books, direct mail pieces, identity packages, logos, magazines and newsletters. We are experienced in conceptualizing the ideal message for your company. Our practice includes full identity development, ensuring that the finished product is not only cohesive but also eye-catching to the intended audience. We improve and disseminate your messages by providing an unforgettable "brand" that is in line with the direction of your company.
Document Formatting/Desktop Publishing

Styling — LCG's design team specializes in translating original files into high-quality, printed deliverables. With advanced knowledge of software, hardware, imaging, imposition and PDF creation, company experts ensure that nothing is compromised between the initial electronic files and the printing presses. LCG only uses sophisticated software programs to produce high-volume projects such as academic and reference publications as well as other large-scale, complex projects.
Conference/Meeting Support and Management

Conference/Meeting Support — We specialize in the planning and execution of large and small corporate events. Whether you are planning a medical conference, a panel discussion of legal experts or scientific workshops, we have the resources and expertise to make your next corporate event a success. Our team can either work with your internal staff or take complete responsibility for the planning and successful implementation of your conference. We work closely with our clients to create a realistic budget, develop a theme, select a venue and then coordinate all logistics. Below is a list of the services we provide:

  • Onsite conference, panel meetings, workshops, symposium and other event planning and management services
  • Provide guidance and project planning
  • Outline logistical, administrative, research and data collection
  • Prepare realistic timeline schedule and checklist with milestones
  • Facilitate Planning Committee meetings
  • Review goals and objectives with client or planning committee
  • Quality control plan development
  • Site inspection, selection and reservations
  • Contract negotiations with vendors
  • Food and beverage selections
  • Onsite meeting support and facility requirements
  • Travel arrangements
  • Housing and hotel management
  • Registration management and services
  • Distribution of registration material
  • Operation of registration desk
  • Online registration via website with Section 508 compliance
  • Electronic and web-based multimedia support, teleconferencing, recordings and audiovisual  installation services
  • Sign language interpreters
  • Computer and IT Support with database updating
  • Conference call services
  • Meeting summarizations
  • Materials management
  • Quality control assistance and management
  • Disbursement of reimbursements
  • Knowledge of FastLane electronic proposal submission system
  • Speaker recruitment development
  • Security
  • Post-event activities
  • Conference evaluation


Commercial Reprographics — LCG has more than 30 years of experience in commercial printing, producing high-quality print jobs, which includes printing one- to eight-color heatset/non-heatset web, sheet-fed, finishing, bindery, and die-cutting jobs. We maintain a relationship with most printers in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, as well as several conglomerate printers in Philadelphia, Delaware and New York State. As a result, we are able to offer the best prices while maintaining the highest quality giving us more flexibility to meet your schedule. To simply put it, we handle the details so you don’t have to!

Print Job Management — An understanding of printing requires in-depth industry knowledge to ensure appropriate printer selection, accuracy, quality and timely delivery. LCG works with printing clients on a partnership level or independently, allowing clients to focus on other priorities. No project is too large or small. Our knowledgeable team members guide clients through the process, explain terminology, review equipment options and consult on optimal paper stock, bindery and direct mail options. LCG takes responsibility for all press proof reviews, in- person press checks and quality control.

Reprographics/Print Facilities Management — Organizations with significant business imaging demands may require a staffed, on-site reprographics facility. LCG provides experienced, trained individuals to staff clients' on-site printing operations. Production center staffing is a stand-alone service that is not linked to equipment placement. LCG's mission is to provide custom-fit solutions that support large enterprise clients. LCG identifies, vets and hires seasoned personnel who can immediately manage the site, eliminating transitional downtime or interruptions in output. Assigned personnel can operate as private service contract employees, consultants or LCG employees.

Print Paper Supplier/Buyer — LCG acts as a single point-of-contact to print buyers with diverse printing requirements. By offering stock control options, on-time deliveries and countless resources to print buyers, LCG has become a one-stop, supplemental printing department and sole print supplier to many organizations. For clients who have already forged a strong relationship with an advertising agency, LCG works with that firm to produce the final project in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Document Archival — As experts in document scanning services, LCG pays close attention to all aspects of the process to guarantee accuracy and consistency. A component of LCG’s scanning and archival solutions is seamless integration into the Federal government’s Document Automation and Production Service (DAPS) program. Using the latest software and technology, LCG can effortlessly convert thousands of sheets of paper into digital images. All files are archived onto a CD-ROM or server. If desired, a backup copy is kept at LCG's offices, allowing subsequent reproduction at a later date. These services can be performed at the client’s office or off-site.

Administrative Staffing

Personnel — LCG is a provider of technical and administrative support staff.  We specialize in placing highly-qualified personnel in contractual positions at corporations and government agencies. We identify seasoned professionals who have excellent communication skills, strong work ethics, and work-hour flexibility. We always screen, test and present only the best candidates. Our overall goal is to ensure that customers are able to maintain a consistent workflow at all times. Thus, we act fast by presenting candidates to our customers immediately.Logistical Support

Project Management — When things become hectic, let us assist by becoming an extension of your operations department. If important details are starting to fall between the cracks, LCG can provide the added support to help you effectively manage your project. On the behalf of your company, we can take control of the project in its entirety and manage your vendors or supply chain. Our staff is able to work closely with you or independently to put things back on track. Additionally, if desired, we can identify new sources of supply to address specific subcontracting requirements. Direct Mail

Advertising Placement — Using our advertising services is the most efficient way to run a multiple-state newspaper campaign. You do not need to spend countless hours pricing rates. We place display ads, inserts and online ads in various periodicals and websites. LCG will help you identify the best buy for your advertising dollar. All you have to do is send us your ad and we will place them in any combination of newspapers. As a bonus, we can also design the ad and develop the list. Additionally, LCG always provide proof that your ad ran along with tear sheets.

Bulk Mailing — LCG is a turnkey solution for all types of direct mailings, including newsletters, catalogs, direct mail cards, magazines, newspaper inserts, journals or bulk printing. With an excel­lent reputation for on-time delivery, LCG manages the process from printing to mail house, where all distribution details are carefully monitored. LCG uses cutting-edge mailing equipment, which ensures quality and accuracy while providing tracking results, maximum postal penetration and postage discounts. Facilities Management/Supervision

Mailrooms, Janitorial, Maintenance, and Warehouse Services — From janitorial services or assembling furniture to mailroom supervision or setting up the board room, LCG only provide facilities management services that incorporates industry-wide best practices. We preserve, maintain and improve our clients’ infrastructure by offering an array of services in the most cost-effective manner without sacrifice to quality. Most importantly, we only hire the best staff to keep our clients’ facilities up and running—day and night. Our staff understands that they are not just simply assembling furniture, managing the mailroom or maintaining inventory. All personnel know that they are being entrusted in areas that keep the entire company up and running.  And to us, that’s very important!

Computer Maintenance

Computer Network Repair and Support — We service networks and servers of many different designs and specifications. Our professional Apple Certified Technical Coordinators (ACTC) and Apple Certified System Administrators (ACSA) have hands-on experience planning, maintaining and integrating Mac OS X workstations and solutions using Mac OS X Server and other Apple technologies into a variety of network environments. They also have the skills, tools and knowledge to implement and maintain a network that uses Microsoft Windows XP platforms.

Having qualified support technicians is a critical component to any server installation and maintenance program. With our staff of leading technical experts, coupled with our experience in preventative maintenance, we keep a close eye on our clients’ hardware. Hence, we can track their performance, monitor the health of your network and provide preventive maintenance to address problems in advance.

Our business model is structured so that clients have technicians onsite who troubleshoot while at the client’s location (as our employees) on a full or part-time basis. We find that the use of on-site technicians provide the best overall maintenance service and the greatest value in terms of costs.Displays and Out-of-Home Media Services

Display Fabrications/Trade Show Booths — LCG works closely with its strategic partners to design and construct innovative and complex displays and trade show booths. By focusing on the specific needs of each client, LCG's expert designers create original displays that are unique, compelling and reflective of the client's corporate brand. Supervising the project from start to finish, LCG manages the production schedule and logistical requirements.

Outdoor Billboards/Bus Shelters — LCG specializes in out-of-home media services, producing specialty outdoor products such as airport displays, commuter rail displays, wallscapes, mobile displays, transit bus displays and shelters. We handle all components necessary to run a successful outdoor advertising campaign, including project management, graphic design, delivery and installation. With decades of industry experience, production knowledge and expertise in state-of-the-art digital plotters, LCG can digitally image a banner that reinforces clients' marketing concepts or erect a 30-sheet billboard featuring clients' products. As a result of LCG's joint venture alliances with billboard outdoor companies in various states, our clients have a variety of outdoor media options to fulfill diverse requirements.